Driving Innovative Solutions in Desalination and Water Reuse !

Siemens Water Innovation Challenge
The Siemens Water Innovation Challenge is a call to startups, companies, and visionaries committed to innovation in water solutions, particularly focusing on unconventional water sources such as desalination and water reuse.
This challenge reflects our strong dedication to the sustainable development of water, centered on the identification and application of disruptive solutions in water treatment. We are seeking innovative solutions that sustainably improve the efficiency of non-traditional water sources, like desalination and reuse, aligning these practices with our sustainable development goals and our vision of a more sustainable world.
If your company is ready to lead the change in the water landscape in Chile, focusing on desalination, reuse, and other unconventional sources, we invite you to be part of this transformation! Here, you will have the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate with other innovators, and turn your projects into reality, contributing to a more sustainable future in the field of water.

Key Dates


The main prize of the Siemens Water Innovation Challenge is an opportunity to recognize and support innovation in water solutions. With a cash prize of USD 12,000, we aim to endorse disruptive projects that promote water efficiency through innovative technologies, especially in areas such as desalination and water reuse. This award not only provides financial support but also visibility and endorsement to propel these solutions towards a more sustainable future in the water sector in Chile.


The Chilean Desalination and Reuse Association is a cross-sectoral guild that brings together more than 70 companies with a common goal: to promote climate change adaptation through sustainable solutions, such as wastewater reuse and desalination.

The Water Technology Center develops technologies and solutions to achieve a sustainable, safe, and accessible water cycle for all people, taking into account local needs and for the benefit of society.
Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare. The German company has over 110 years of presence in Chile and 176 years globally, playing a crucial role in the current industry by providing innovative solutions and technologies in various segments. Siemens helps prepare for the future and the next level of digital transformation, from more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and networks to cleaner and more comfortable transportation, as well as advanced healthcare. We create technology with a purpose that adds real value to our customers.